Our Educational Vision

The educational vision of Studio West is:

To deliver an innovative learning experience which equips young people with the business and enterprise skills for the challenges of the 21st century

Students of all abilities are able to thrive in this exciting new learning environment, which nurtures in them aspiration and high expectation. Our students are equipped with the necessary academic and employment skills to ensure they have the ability to adapt, problem solve, and sustain resilience in a fast changing world. Students move on from Studio West with an ability to help shape and contribute to their own modern era as confident, able and well-rounded individuals.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Studio West is to inspire our students with a love for learning that connects:

Because learning that connects lasts a lifetime.

In order for young men and women to thrive in a modern world, they need multi-faceted and adaptable skills that connect with both the current and future requirements of a variety of employment sectors. Studio West champions a fluid approach, deliberately not focusing on a specialism, and remains responsive to the changing demands of the business world.

Students are provided with an employer-led curriculum, the platform to attain a top quality education and acquire the behaviours and confidence needed to be effective in the commercial world, including a 'can do, will do' team working and leadership attitude.

Skills gaps are addressed by offering students accredited qualifications and transferable skills to meet different sector needs for professional and specialist technical employment. Students have the opportunity to learn through a combination of academic core subjects supported by occupational pathways in an exclusive environment where business leaders and students work side by side. Students also have the opportunity to apply what they learn in their academic and occupational studies to real business contexts. High quality teaching equips students with the required skills that help them to achieve high academic success and meet the needs of employers.

Principles and Values

We develop learners and prospective employees and employers who:

This is achieved through: