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The Future of the Kenton Schools Academy Trust

Thursday 15th June, 2017

The Future of the Kenton Schools Academy Trust

I would like to update you with important news of work to secure a great future for Kenton School and Studio West.

As Chief Executive of the Kenton Schools Academy Trust (KSAT), which oversees both schools, I am due to retire at the end of the summer term and have been working hard with trustees to look at the best options for the future development of both our schools. I am proud of Kenton School and Studio West, under the fine leadership of Sarah Holmes-Carne and Val Wigham respectively.

Together, we are determined to secure a great new future and so it is our intention for both schools to become part of the Laidlaw Schools Trust (LST). We are talking with them to see if this is the best possible option for our future success.

LST are our near neighbours in Newcastle, with a proven track record of success in looking after Excelsior Academy as well as Thomas Walling and Atkinson Road Primary Academies.

Under LST's leadership, Excelsior Academy is one of the top 200 most improved secondary schools in the UK, rated 'Good' by OFSTED, with national awards for its pupils' progress.

We believe that joining with LST could significantly boost the future progress of both Kenton School and Studio West - to build on their achievements and deliver even greater learning opportunities and financial advantages for your son or daughter's education.

Your views as parents and guardians are important to us. You are invited to meet with me and senior representatives from the Laidlaw Schools Trust at Kenton School on Wednesday June 28th at 6.30pm, to learn more about the proposals and what they could mean. We will answer any questions you have. If you intend to come to the meeting, it would be helpful if you could call us on 0191 214 2200 to confirm.

The main reasons for becoming part of the LST are:

  1. There are real educational advantages for Kenton School and Studio West in becoming LST schools, to share and learn from each other's strengths and specialisms;
  2. LST shares our ethos of providing the highest quality of education equally and inclusively to children from all backgrounds, of all talents and abilities;
  3. LST schools enjoy generous additional funding from their sponsor, which will benefit our pupils' education and personal development.

KSAT trustees have a hugely important decision to make about the future of Kenton School and Studio West which we care so much about and we will keep you informed of progress.

David Pearmain

Chief Executive, Kenton Schools Academy Trust

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