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Pioneering school set to open in 2014 - Journal, 2013

Tuesday 10th September, 2013

The Journal, June 5th 2013

Journal newspaper clipping of studio west

With a front page lead, “Pioneering school set to open in 2014”, the June 5th 2013 edition of The Journal featured a colour article which explored the benefits to Studio West students:

‘A pioneering new school will set up its own businesses to give youngsters the chance to learn — and earn — on the job.’

The article continues:

‘The school is based on High Tech High in San Diego, California, a renowned college specialising in “project learning” around maths science and engineering. It will cater for 14 to 19-year olds and work in partnership with North East businesses, with longer work days in which students will be given the chance to work on actual businesses set up within the school.’

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