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Tuesday 7th April, 2015

We're holding a 'STEM Day' on Tuesday 28th April for KS3/KS4 learners at our campus on West Denton Way. It promises to be an exciting day where everyone will be able to experience the range of topics covered by the Science, Engineering and Technology curriculum with a particular focus on renewable technologies.

What's it all about?

Our STEM Renewable Energy Workshops are designed specifically for KS3 & KS4 learners and can help to support their Science, Engineering and Technology curriculum work by developing the learners' confidence in using and understanding renewable technologies. Workshops will focus on:

  • knowledge and understanding of renewable energy and climate change
  • investigating the merits of renewable energies vs carbon based fuels
  • exploring the role of renewable hydrogen and fuel cells and the possibilities they offer for a low carbon society
  • Engaging first hand the daily operational procedures for the running of an EV vehicle
  • identifying the future green career opportunities of the 21st century

You can find out more about each workshop in our STEM Day Brochure

The STEM delivery workshops take the form of a modular approach where learners have the opportunity to gain hands on experience of the latest technologies and the science involved.

Our aim is to ensure that all learners become the inspirational innovators of tomorrow, creating future growth and jobs in the North East through their entrepreneurial minds.


The STEM workshops are aimed at developing the learners' confidence in using and understanding renewable technologies. The workshops are:

  1. Why Renewable Energy?
  2. Introduction to Wind Power
  3. Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
  4. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Uses and Applications
  5. Introduction to Fuel Cells (FCs)
  6. Fuel Cell (FCs) Uses and Applications
  7. The Hydrogen Electrolyser

When and where is it?

The STEM Day will take place on Tuesday 28th April and we will have a morning and afternoon session of workshops. Morning workshops are being held between 09:30 and 11:45. Afternoon workshops are held between 12:30 to 14:45

All of the workshops are being held at our campus on West Denton Way

This event is being run in association with Zero Carbon Futures

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