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Jonathan Miles talks about Studio West on BBC Radio Newcastle

Wednesday 17th September, 2014

Studio West Principal Val Wigham and Kenton School Principal David Pearmain talk to BBC Radio Newcastle's Jonathan Miles about Studio West's first day

Val Wigham, speaking to Jonathan Miles about the first day:

"It's got quite a buzz. We've got our first cohort of students in, the year 10s are in today, the year 9s come in tomorrow and then the post 16 on Wednesday and then we'll have all the students in school."

David Pearmain, Chief Executive of the Kenton Academy Trust explained why the trust were sponsoring Studio West:

"…we know that there are some really bright students who just miss out on traditional secondary schooling 'cos they don't really get the point of it. They don't really understand what the qualifications are for and Studio West will be very clear every day how the workplace and their future lives are linked with what they learn in the school."

When asked about the academic aspect to the practical, business-oriented approach of Studio West, Val explained:

"…you can still have that here. You know, this is why this school is so unique in the fact that, I mean at Post 16 our students will be coming in, they'll be having a two day placement, work placement, they can also take up to three A-levels, so they'll be doing three A-levels and having a two day placement, that's academic … there's no wrong or right answer, that's why studio schools are always small, because each student has its own individual curriculum. Students here start at 8:30, finish at 4:30, the school's open 48 weeks a year. It's not like anything else, it's very different."

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