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Principal Designate Val Wigham on Radio Newcastle

Tuesday 22nd October, 2013

Val Wigham, Studio West's Principal Designate, talks to Alfie Joey about the new school on BBC Radio Newcastle's Breakfast programme.

Among other topics, our Student Promise was discussed along with how existing qualifications would be covered in a vocational setting:

"…wrapped around the two day's work placement will be their A Level courses, could be 2, 3 A Levels as well and their A Levels will relate to the actual jobs that they're going to be working in so that two days will work very very closely with the three days of A Levels."

Responding to criticism of the curriculum, Val stressed the relevance and importance of the varied approach to learning at Studio West:

"It won't be a narrow focus. [I]f a child is with us and they have problems with Maths and English then what we'll do is give them what's called more reinforcement lessons in those subject areas and probably give them less GCSEs or occupational qualifications. However, if the student is gifted and talented I would be pushing that student to make sure that they get the Modern Foreign Language, the Geography, the History that they need as well as the core Maths, English and Science. There will be no narrowing down of the curriculum model at all."

More information is available about the Curriculum, for both Key Stage 4 Students and Post 16 Students.

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