Our performance & results

Key Stage 4 results

Student level grade (by subject)

English Language English Liteature Maths GCSE Core Science GCSE Additional Science GCSE Art
% Level 9 - 7 2.4 7.3 9.8 0.0 15.0 27.5
% Level >= 5 22.0 48.8 51.2 12.5 40.0 67.5
% Level >= 4 56.1 78.0 80.5 50.0 90.0 100.0

Attainment 8/Progress 8 Summary

Performance MeasureTotal%
Average total Attainment 843.34
Average Attainment 8 grade4.33
Pupils included4197.6

Basics 9-4

Performance MeasureTotal%
Students achieveing 9-4 in English & Maths3276.2
Students achieveing 9-4 in English3481.0
Students achieveing 9-4 in Maths3378.6

Attainment 8/Progress 8 - Maths

Performance MeasureTotal
Average Maths Attainment 89.10
Average Maths Attainment 8 grade4.55
Average Maths Progress 8+0.649

Attainment 8/Progress 8 - English

Performance MeasureTotal
Average English Attainment 88.90
Average English Attainment 8 grade4.45
Average English Progress 8-0.021

Attainment 8/Progress 8 - EBacc

Performance MeasureTotal
Average EBacc Attainment 87.90
Average EBacc Attainment 8 grade2.63
Average EBacc Progress 8-1.021

Attainment 8/Progress 8 - Open

Performance MeasureTotal
Average Open Attainment 817.43
Average Open Attainment 8 grade5.81
Average Open Progress 8+1.316

KS4 Results

Performance MeasureTotal%
Students achieving 5 standard passes incl. English & Maths3276.2

EBacc Total Measure

Performance MeasureTotal%
Students entered for the EBacc511.9
Students in COHORT achieving the EBacc (Strong Pass)37.1

Futher details on our performance can also be found on our Department for Education page

Key Stage 5 results (2016)

Art & Design100% Pass (Grades A-D)
Extended project Level 3100% Pass (Grades A-E)
BTEC Certificate Hospitality & Catering L3100% Dist* - Pass
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Hospitality & Catering83% Dist* - Pass
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma IT100% Dist - Pass
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Engineering100% Merit - Pass
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Social Care100% Dist*
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Sport100% Dist* - Pass
Higher Project L2100% Pass (Grades A-C)
Product Design25% Pass (Grades A – E)

English Baccalaureate

Details of our English Baccalaureate performance will be published here.

Levels of Progress

Levels of Progress are a key indicator of the progress being made by our students and, along with other information, are used to help all our students attain the highest standards they can.

A comprehensive analysis of our Levels of Progress can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Performance Tables

Details of our performance can be found on the DfE website

Pupil Premium

You can download a full analysis of how we will effectively spend our 2017/18 Pupil Premium allocation as a PDF document.

You can download a full analysis of how we will effectively spend our 2016/17 Pupil Premium allocation as a PDF document.

This document is dated 1st November 2016.

You can download a full report on how we spent our 2015/2016 Pupil Premium allocation as a PDF document.

This document is dated 10th November 2016.