About Studio West

Introduction to Studio West

Studio West offers a vibrant learning experience combining GCSEs, A Levels and occupational qualifications. We believe in inspiring our students to be 'the best they can be' so that they reach their potential academically and also develop the social skills and personal qualities, which are so vital for their future life and career.

Immersing students in real-life, hands-on projects, is an extremely efficient and engaging way of learning. Through this method, students not only pick up core skills, such as Maths, English and Science, but also learn and practice the softer, but equally important, skills employers are looking for – such as independent thought, responsibility, team work and communication skills. By working in this way and collaborating with real companies, we have created an environment which nurtures well-rounded, mature and confident individuals, who leave us fully ready for the workplace.

Whats is special about the approach to learning at Studio West?

A small school making a big difference

Studio West offers a dynamic approach to learning, preparing young people with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in life. Education is taken out of the classroom, with students learning in the real world through working in teams on projects designed to reflect real-life situations. Through weekly work placements, they develop the employability skills needed to succeed in life and work.

Studio West offers students a new and inspiring approach to learning, which includes teaching through enterprise projects and work. This approach ensures students' learning is rooted in the real world, helping them to develop the critical thinking, creative and life skills they need to flourish. We have built a strong reputation for employment creation and the development of young entrepreneurs, whilst becoming an exemplary springboard for new business ventures in the local economy.

Our approach to learning is based on the national Studio School model, providing a learning experience unlike any other. Studio Schools are a new type of state school model, designed to equip young people with the academic grounding, knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in life and work.

How is Student's Learning Connected to the Real World of Work?

Studio West does not feel like a school. It feels more like starting on your dream career! But like your dream employer we demand high standards and total commitment.

This business and education collaboration within Studio West greatly enriches the learning experience of the students by providing a host of opportunities for interaction with one another and opportunities beyond the classroom, for easier access to a range of businesses and resources, and for building lasting relationships. Bringing on board local employers ensures that the Studio West curriculum is relevant to developing our students' employability skills and ensuring that these fit with local business needs.

We have high expectations of our students’ behaviour, attitudes to work and dress. We expect them to behave in a way which reflects the professional approach to learning and the working environment they regularly visit.

What is The Uniform?

Students wear the new Studio West uniform from day one. It is designed to look and feel right both in school and the work-place. The smart business-style jacket, with discreet Studio West logo and school colour shirt is worn with black trousers or skirt and sensible black shoes. Uniform can be purchased at Top Class Uniform, Blakelaw.

Financial support is available where required by students of all ages.

How BIG is it?

Studio West is big and small!

Studio West has all the best features of a small school – a safe environment where every student is known well and nobody slips through the net. Your child’s personal tutor can guide their progress in all they do and keep in touch with you.

Small class sizes… More focus

Students are part of a small, supportive and personalized learning environment. We currently have 120 students in attendance, which we expect to rise to a maximum of just over 300 in the coming years.

But we aren't missing out on the large school advantages either, because our links with Kenton School provides high quality technical backup and professional services, and even more importantly, expert specialist teaching to match your child’s special interests and talents.

Our Governors

Just like every other school, we have a board of Governors who help to run the school by making decisions on how we spend our money, who we choose to appoint and by assessing the performance of senior staff.

Kenton Schools Academy Trust Governors calendar of meetings 2016/17 (PDF)

Our Governing Body

Mr K McDermid, Chief Exectuive Officer

Mrs V Wigham, Principal Studio West

Mr R Smith, Vice Chair

Mr D Smith, Chair

Prof. P Pearson, Co-opted Governor

Ms S Huntley, Staff Governor

Mrs T Carson, Clerk

Governors Statement of Principles

The expectations and aspirations for Studio West students are high. Staff at Studio West understand that these skills, attitudes and abilities are developed as people learn and grow. Students and staff understand that they are essential in the workplace and adult life, as well as in school. Some students will excel without support, while others may need more encouragement to meet these expectations.

In order to support all students to achieve their potential we have the following in place:-

  1. Clear guidelines and rules which are communicated to staff, students and parents. This includes an acknowledgement of the principle of joint enterprise as it applies in school
  2. Rewards for achievement and progress
  3. A wide range of sanctions for poor behaviour or lack of commitment
  4. An appropriate and easy-to-use system for recording all aspects of behaviour
  5. Support systems to help students improve their behaviour which include partnerships with external agencies such as Behaviour Support Service and Educational Psychologists
  6. Guidance for teaching and learning staff on managing behaviour for learning
  7. A clear understanding of how incidents of ill-discipline should be challenged giving regard to the context in which they occur
  8. Appropriate consultation systems for staff, student, parents and business partners, which will enable us to adapt our policy and systems

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that good order and discipline are maintained at all times in school. The school is committed to ensuring that all staff receive appropriate training and guidance to allow them to discharge this duty.

Governing Body Membership Expiration Dates

Governor Type Name Start Date End Date
Chief Executive Officer Kevin McDermid 01/09/17 n/a
Principal Val Wigham n/a n/a
Chair David Smith 19/09/17 19/09/21
Vice Chair Ross Smith 04/04/17 04/04/21
Parent Nickela Nichol 10/10/18 10/10/22
Co-opted Pauline Pearson 01/09/18 01/09/22
Co-opted Katherine Cowell 04/04/17 04/04/21
Co-opted Beth Orford 10/10/18 10/10/22
Co-opted Mr N Hogarth 13/11/18 13/11/22
Staff Sue Huntley 10/10/18 10/10/22

Governor Meeting Attendance

Details of Governors Attendance can be download as PDF Document

Governors' Register of Pecuniary Interests

You can download our Register of Pecuniary Interests part one and the Register of Pecuniary Interests part two or Register of Pecuniary Interests part three as PDF documents

More details of our finanical procedures and statements can be found on our Financial Policies page

Scheme of Delegation

Studio West Scheme Of Delegation (PDF)

Functions of Trustees, Committees, LGB and Sub-Committees

  1. The Trustees will be responsible for setting Trust strategy, analysing and mitigating risk and for overseeing the operation and performance of all schools, including: learning standards and quality, behaviour and attendance standards, finance, staffing, policy development and compliance, statutory and regulatory compliance and reputation.
  2. They will normally delegate decisions on finance, procurement and staffing to their relevant committees, which they will appoint as they see fit, but at least two members of each committee must be Trustees.
  3. The Trust will normally delegate to each Local Governing Body governance responsibility for all other aspects of school performance, including curriculum and other improvements and innovations within their school and any outcomes identified in the School Scoreboard (Data Dashboard) and other performance information, within overall Trust parameters.
  4. However, The Trust may take back delegated powers, intervene or direct the LGB on any matter as it sees fit, especially on issues which they have identified as high risk. In such cases, the trustees associated with the school under scrutiny will invite challenge from the other trustees.
  5. It is also expected that each non-staff LGB member (4-8) will carry a portfolio, taking specific responsibility for monitoring and challenge performance in one aspect of the school's performance (Achievement & Progress, Teaching, Behaviour & Safety, Leadership & Management).
  6. The Principals of Studio West and Kenton School will be accountable to the LGB for all aspects of the schools' performance and improvement, including student and school performance and standards and improvement planning. The Chief Executive will normally attend LGB meetings, as an adviser and observer. The Principal will be accountable to him as well as to the LGB and to the Chief Executive and Trust for financial and staffing issues
  7. It is anticipated that the Principal of Kenton School will account regularly to the Performance and Innovation Committee for outcomes identified in the School Scoreboard (Data Dashboard) and other performance information and for the School Improvement Plan.
  8. The LGB may set up any further sub-committee(s) it deems necessary, but its sub-committee(s) can only be advisory, not decision-making.
  9. The Chef Executive will be the chief accounting officer and will account to the Trustees for all aspects of the performance of Studio West and Kenton School and their Principals and will present a Risk Analysis and escalate risk and performance concerns to them.
  10. The Chief Executive will also carry specific responsibility for the finance and human resources of the Trust and report to the appropriate Trust committees on these areas.

Contact Studio West

It's simple to get in touch. The easiest method is to contact us directly through the website. We always look forward to hearing from people.