GCSE Science (Core & Additional)

Qualification: GCSE

Examining board: AQA

Course specification:

Year 9 & Year 10

GCSE Trilogy Science (Dual award)

Year 11

GCSE Science A and Additional Science (Dual award) Core

GCSE Science A and Additional Science (Dual award) Additional

Separate Science pupils

GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Physics

Years taught: 9, 10, 11

About this course

The Science Department here is affiliated with the Science Department at Kenton School. The Science Department at Kenton School is one of the largest in the school and has over 20 members of staff. Here at Studio West, there are three Science laboratories, Biology, Physics and Chemistry specialist rooms.


GCSE Science A introduces students to fundamental ideas in scientific theory and helps them learn practical skills through topical investigations.

It covers the same content as the Unit 1 of the single Science GCSEs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

It can be used for the Science component of the English Baccalaureate if grades A*- C are achieved in both Science A and GCSE Additional Science.


Science A and B cover the same subject matter for Key Stage 4, however, they approach it in two different ways.

Both courses encourage practical work and have the How Science Works aspects of the curriculum integrated through all the units.

Science A can also be used to prepare students for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or be used for learners preparing for two Science GCSEs when followed by Additional Science.

Science B could also be followed by GCSE Additional Science or GCSE Additional Applied Science to lead on to respectively AS science courses or vocationally oriented Science courses.

Students like:

Knowledge/skills gained:


Students have to enter all the assessment units at the end of the course, at the same time as they enter for the subject award. If students wish to re-sit exams they must re-sit all of the written papers in the next series.

As a consequence of the move to linear assessment, students will be allowed to carry forward their controlled assessment unit result(s) following the initial moderation and aggregation during the lifetime of the specification.


The Unit 1 content of each of GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics is contained within GCSE Science A.

GCSE Science A covers similar content to GCSE Science B and both cover the programme of study for Key Stage 4.

Progression/future opportunities

By completing a dual award science qualification students will have the knowledge to be able to continue to do a level 3 science qualification.

Depending on the grade achieved they will be able to take either a pure a level (not currently offered at Studio West) or Applied Science.