WJEC Award in Hospitality

Qualification: BTEC

Examining board: WJEC

Course specification:

WJEC Award in Hospitality course specification

Course leader: Mrs Gardner

Years taught: 10 & 11

What will I be doing on this course?

1 coursework portfolio

1 practical

1 written exam

Unit 1 exam content 40%

Aim and purpose

The applied purpose of the unit is for learners to use their knowledge and understanding of the hospitality and catering industry in order to propose new hospitality and catering provision to meet specific needs.

Unit introduction

What types of establishments provide hospitality and catering service? What job opportunities are there in the industry? How do caterers ensure they are working safely? How can food poisoning be prevented? What laws need to be considered when providing hospitality and catering? How do providers meet customers’ needs? When opening a new outlet what factors need to be considered?

When starting a new hospitality and catering establishment or making a change to an existing operation, there are many people involved and factors to be considered. Hospitality and catering staff need to be aware of changing customer expectations and how these are met by front of house operations to adapt their menus and kitchen operations accordingly. Offering a new takeaway service affects the service provided and staffing that is needed but it also affects how food is presented to customers. ‘Pop-up’ caterers need to be aware of the limitations of the equipment they can use to offer their service. The Management will need to be aware of changing external factors such as the economy or working patterns to reflect the type of service they offer.

In this unit, you will learn about the different types of providers within the hospitality and catering industry, the legislation that needs to be adhered to and the personal safety of all of those involved in the business, whether staff or customers. You will learn about the operation of hospitality and catering establishments and the factors affecting their success. The knowledge and understanding you gain will enable you to respond to issues relating to all factors within the hospitality and catering section and provide you with the ability to propose a new provision that could be opened in a given location to benefit the owner and the local community.

Unit 2 coursework and practical 60%

Aim and purpose

The applied purpose of the unit is for learners to safely plan, prepare, cook and present nutritional dishes based around the theme of a holiday park.

Unit Introduction

Why should we follow storage recommendations on food products? Why do chefs need to consider the nutritional needs of their clients? Why should vegetarian dishes be prepared away from those containing meat? Why are temperature probes used in the catering industry? Why does appropriate professional attire need to be worn?

Food needs to be stored, handled, prepared and cooked correctly to ensure its consumption does not affect people’s health. Everyone who has a role to play within the food industry has a responsibility to minimise the risks of causing food borne illness, regardless of whether they are someone who works in food processing, a food operator in a fast food outlet, an apprentice chef in a small hotel or the head chef in a Michelin star restaurant.

Reviewing the food preparation and presentation process and nutritionists would be involved in preparation of menus or reviewing how preparation and presentation methods affect nutritional values. Food on a menu needs to meet the nutritional needs of the customer and be prepared, cooked and served in a certain way to ensure customer appeal and standards are maintained in any establishment; thus food safety and meeting nutritional needs must be the focus of all planning and activities.

In this unit you will gain knowledge of the nutritional needs of a range of client groups in order for you to plan nutritional dishes to go on a menu. You will learn and develop safe and hygienic food preparation, cooking and finishing skills required to produce nutritional dishes.

This year's coursework theme is a holiday park

How this course is assessed

1 coursework portfolio - Internally assessed

1 practical – Students cook a two course meal internally assessed

1 written exam – Externally assessed

Progression/future opportunities

Btec L3 in professional cookery for professional chefs – Kitchen and Larder