A Level Computer Science

Qualification: A Level

Examining board: OCR

Course specification:

A Level Computer Science

Course leader: Mr Earnshaw

Years taught: 12

What will I be doing on this course?

Component 1: Computing Principles

This component will introduce learners to the internal workings of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the exchange of data and will also look at software development, data types and legal and ethical issues. It is expected that learners will draw on this underpinning content when studying computational thinking and developing programming techniques and, in the second year, devising their own programming approach in the Programming Project component.

Component 2: Algorithms and Problem Solving

This component will incorporate and build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the Computing Principles component. In addition, learners should:

Component 3/4: Programming Project

Learners will be expected to analyse, design, develop, test, evaluate and document a program written in a suitable programming language. The underlying approach to the project is to apply the principles of computational thinking to a practical coding problem. Learners are expected to apply appropriate principles from an agile development approach to the project development.

How this course is assessed

Assessment by 2 x 1.25 hour exam in year 1 (AS) and 2 x 2.5 hour exams together with a programming project in year 2 (A2).

Progression/future opportunities

Completion of this course presents opportunities to pursue a career in computer science or simply to gain a better understanding as a background to working with computers in other professions.